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I'm sure you have questions....

Do I need a coordinator?

How is a coordinator different than a wedding planner?

Why should I choose Planner Brain Events?

Let's help you decide if it's the right decision for you!

Let's be honest, when it comes to wedding planning, there are a LOT of details and decisions to be made. From vendor selections to decor and everything in between, you will likely be spending months if not years putting all of these pieces together. It's not uncommon for couple's to feel overwhelmed when all those details come together leading up to and on the big day. As a coordinator, I want to be there to take that stress and overwhelming feelings away from you. There are certainly couples that are able to have beautiful amazing wedding days with and without coordinators but I think that having someone be in charge of all of those questions and details can be a huge weight off your shoulders and allow you to relax and be present for your day. 


For those interested in not paying attention to 

In terms of how coordination differs from wedding planning, there are a few clear distinctions 

There are a variety of amazing businesses to choose from and everyone has their own strengths. For me, I strive for quality over quantity. I would rather have a smaller number of events so that I can focus on the needs of my couples and be there every step of the way with an immediate response, solution or piece of advice. Often times the last few months leading up to wedding day can be the most stressful and that is when I am working my hardest; to make sure every detail comes together seamlessly so that your day can run as smooth as possible. 





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