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My Background

Hi! I'm Kelsey. Owner and "brain" behind Planner Brain Events. Thank you for taking the time to come learn more about me and my business! 


Have you ever had that one friend that jokingly said they wanted to be a wedding planner since they were a teenager? Maybe they had a collective pact with their best friend that if they were both single by the age of 40, they’d quit their jobs and open a wedding business? Or when you got married they said if you don’t find them a job they are finding one themselves? Well that was me. Whether it was working for a local catering company throughout college or taking summers off to work at a local bridal shop, I have always had a passion for the events industry. It wasn’t until I stepped away from my social work career to pursue a career in events to realize I found my purpose. There’s something special about being able to create someone’s happily ever after that never gets old. Getting chosen to be a part of someone’s wedding day and having the responsibility of ensuring its success is an intimidating pressure to some, but it’s what I live for. As an experienced coordinator, I am there to watch out for expected and unexpected aspects of your day, monitor for possible problems, identify solutions and be in your corner every step of the way. I work well in high pressure, fast paced environments that force you to stay on your toes and be ready with an immediate solution. I am an extremely detail oriented person and love putting my “planner brain” to work. Planning your wedding is a process full of decisions, investments and pressure. I want to ensure that your hard work pays off and you remember your big day for the right reasons. My goal is for you to feel as relaxed and stress free as possible on your wedding day and be there to take the weight off your shoulders so you stay focused on what’s most important - getting to marry your person!

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